Mobile is Driving Real Estate

The days of being a real estate agent have vastly changed. Now, in 2016, real estate agents have technology on their side to help them move properties. With the advent of the internet and constantly changing mobile technology, it’s become much easier to show properties to clients and to get through the entire buying process.

Real Estate Goes Mobile

As a potential homeowner, you have likely been out and about looking at properties while researching information about properties from your mobile device. This exact reason is why real estate agents must make sure they have a strong presence on mobile devices. If you are not showing up on mobile device queries or your website is not mobile friendly, you should consider yourself not even in the game at that point.

My traffic and phone calls have nearly doubled since making my website mobile-friendly. I didn’t actually buy into the hype myself, but my clientele and increase in business have shown that being mobile is critical. – Sheldon Salnick of Dreamtown & Chicago Luxury Real Estate

Advertising Online

Along with having a mobile-friendly site, you have to ensure you are properly advertising that site. Google has been in favor of mobile sites in the last year and has even introduced mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor for its organic (SEO) results. In addition to being mobile-friendly from an SEO perspective, you have to create ads tailored to mobile devices. Google offers the ability to adjust cost-per-click bidding for mobile devices specifically, and you can use additional campaign settings like click-to-call buttons, updated display URLs and location targeting to make the ads as effective as possible.

With the industry largely making this shift, it’s no wonder that big real estate firms like have made significant investments in mobile apps and fully mobile-friendly websites.

Key Questions

If you are the owner of a real estate site, are you mobile friendly? Looking at your web traffic, what percentage of it is coming from mobile devices? These are key questions to ask yourself (or your marketing team) if you are planning to win at the mobile game.


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